Thrills and Flying


Throughout my life, I've enjoyed some thrilling adventures. Check back for more pictures and videos I will post over the holiday break. I have bungee-jumped off the bridge in New Zealand's south island where they first did it commercially. I have paraglided and hang-glided multiple times. In the summer of 1996, my wife and I ran the Olympic Bobsled at Lake Placid and we each did our first tandem skydive at Pepperill, Mass. The previous summer, we rode the luge (like a bobsled) at the Olympic Park in Calgery, Alberta (way cool!), where I also bungee-jumped. Yipee!!! (Kim couldn't do that one.) We parasailed (many times) in Acapulco, and I have also hang-glided. In the summer of 1996, we rafted the Class V rapids of the Penobscott in northern Maine, and the summer before, we rafted the Maligne River in northern Alberta (Canada). That's us wearing the white helmets. We have also rafted the big Arkansas River through Brown's Gorge in southern Colorado, and the Chatooga River bordering Georgia and South Carolina, where they shot the movie Deliverance. One of my goals is to raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I also enjoy speed-rapelling, jumping off waterfalls in Hawaii, and maybe some day I'll BASE jump Royal Gorge (NOT!). Check back for more details and pictures.



I am also an FAA licensed private pilot, flying single-engine fixed-wing aircraft. My co-own a Piper Cherokee 150B here in Starkville, and I'll add some pictures over the holiday break. Earlier, I enjoyed flying aerobatics (spins, loops, and rolls) in a Decathlon. I learned to fly at Executive Flyers at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA (BED). Greg Ryan was my primary instructor and I've also had instruction from the recent US National Champion Aerobatics Pilot, Mike Goulian. A few pictures of me flying . . .